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How is an air suspension shock remanufactured?

How is an air suspension shock remanufactured?

1)First, eash used air suspensio shock inspected, disassembled, cleaned, sand-blasting to bare metal which removes paint, dirt, corrosion, and years of road grime.

2) Second, after the shock is sand-blasting to bare metal, the technicians change the worn shock oil into new quality shock oil.

3)Third, the worn internal shock components like piston, rod guides and seals are replaced with new.

4)Test each shock after recharged and sealed.

5)Repaint the shock and other components with corrosion-inhibiting paint

6)The skilled workers rebuild each air suspension shock by hand with new quality components like longer-lasting seals, quality air bladder, crimping rings, dust cover, aluminum cover and other components.

7)Air pressure test to ensure the air bladder can bear enough pressure, and no leaks.

8)Put the strut in one protective packing box and put the labels.

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