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How to start air suspension shock repair and rebuild step by step

Step by step to teach you how to start the air suspension shock repair/rebuild business

· Why need to repair the air suspension shock ?

1. The Air suspension shock is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more cars now equipped with this type of shock absorber. On average air suspension shock should be replaced every 6-10 years due to age and issues caused by general wear and tear. All air suspension shock share a common vulnerability: air leaks, while repair can solve this problem.

2. OE parts are sky high price, Remanufactured and new aftermarket air suspension shock can provide a more cost-effective alternative.

3. This business will make more profit for the workshop and garage.

· What is the Air suspension shock repair/rebuild ?

Change necessary parts for the air suspension shock, like rubber sleeve, steel ring, aluminum cover, dust cover , copper valve etc., clean and paint the shock absorber core and metal head; test the whole air suspension shock with the equipment.

· How to start the air suspension shock repair/rebuild ?

1. Decide the persons who will be responsible for the air suspenion shock repair/rebuild program.

2. Prepare the place, if you have large space, then it is very nice, if you don't have large space, then prepare 300 square meters place is also ok, need to separate the place into 2 space, one space is used for sand blasting and painting, another space use for crimping and assemble.

3. Decide which air suspension shocks you want to repair/rebuild, you want to repair all air suspension shock and spring or just some of the popular models in your market, there are about 100 different types air suspenion shock and air springs.

4. Choose the Crimping machine, there are 2 types different Crimping machine: A , B , both 2 types machine can be used to repair all kinds of air suspension shocks, just choose different toolings.

5. Here are the details for the machine A and machine B

Which Crimping machine you prefer ? machine A or machine B ?

With this air suspension Crimping machine, you can change the steel ring, rubber sleeve, aluminum cover, dust cover for the used air suspension shock or air spring, but if you want to clean the aluminum cover, shock absorber core, shock absorber metal head/aluminum head, then you need more machine.

· If you want to do more about the air suspension repair like the painting, sand blasting, then need more machines as following:

1. Rubber Folding Machine: it is used to fold the rubber for air spring bag.

2. Hydraulic Press Machine: it is used to take the strut mount out from the air suspension shock head.

3. Air Compressor Machine: it is used to pump the air into the shock or compressor

4. Sand Blasting Machine: it is used to clean the aluminum cover and metal head, aluminum head

5. Glue Machine: it is used to stick the glue onto the shock.

6. Air Suspension Compressor Testing Machine

7. Air Suspension Shock Testing Machine

8. Water machine for Painting: it is used to paint the shock absorber core.

· About training

After the customer buy the machine,we supply 2 days free training in our factory in China. If the customer don’t come to China, we can supply the USB file with 2 hours training contents.

1. Our engineers will train how to disassemble the used air suspension shock

2. Our engineers will train how to use the Crimping machine

3. Our engineers will train how to assemble the new air suspension shock.

· Before you receive the Crimping machine, need to prepare some Air suspension repair kits as following:

repair  kits.png

When you receive the machine, you can start to repair and rebuild the air suspension shock and air spring bag by yourself.

· If you need any support in repiar or in rebuild the air suspension shock and air spring, you can contact us at: 0086-20-3121 4287, we will supply you the service at 7 daysx24 hours.


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